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 Middle Full-stack web-der
Good know php.
Can use the ASP.net , JSP(tomcat - java), nodejs
Mark langs - html4-5 , css3. IE8+
Good know the JavaScript and I like prototypes.
Intermedia English, Normal Russian
Trying find projects for start using Nemerle.
Examples of projects:
gorskiycityhotel.ru - umbraco (ASP.net)
uns.su - worldpress in old ver. and in new diafan
larkon.ru - bitrix
m.larkon.ru - yii
qiwimart.com - opencart
риэлт-профи.рф - Open Real Estate
kamsto.ru - CodeIgniter 2 - in old. Bitrix in a new.
rostiks-mebel.ru - NetCat